Modular and easy to integrate

Automate Drone Flights Seamlessly

Droneport systems that can autonomously carry out drone operations via remote access

Droneports are essential for autonomous drone flights

Gravity Droneports are a self-sustainable ecosystem combined with a drone that can operate in any remote location to perform drone flights. Droneport ecosystems could co-exist and add value to Surveillance, Survey, and Delivery applications

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Gravity Products

To meet the drone industry requirement of reliable autonomous solutions, we have engineered gravity products that are capable of operating 24×7 at remote locations

Gravity Droneports

Key Features

Fully Autonomous Operations & Remote Access

Capable of fully autonomous end to end operations via remote acces

Precise Autonomous Landing, Flights Plan and Takeoff

Day and Night precision landing within 10cm on the landing pad

Autonomous Battery Charging and Swaping

Battery charging within 45-60 minutes and battery swapping within 60-90 secs

24x7 Deployability

Autonomous deployability within 24x7 within 120 secs via remote access

Fully Encrypted Data

Flight data storage on cloud to be accessed and processed.

IP 55

IP 55 water and dust ingress resistance

Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

Redundant Electromechanical Systems

Higher Reliability with redundant electromechanical systems to ensure minimum breakdown at site

24x7 Support

Incomparable support for customers to ensure seamless operation anywhere across the globe


Easy to integrate with any standard DJI drones or customer drones seamlessly

HVAC Systen

Ensures effective operations in extreme weather conditions -10°C to 55°C
Dust collector for deserts

CCTV Surveillance & Tamper Resistance

Perimeter CCTV surveillance and resistance to tampering with electromechanical systems

Power Backup

Up to 5 hours of power backup for drone operations

Looking forward to automating your drone operations

Our highly modular droneport systems are easy to integrate with standard drones and even drone manufacturers. 

We believe that drone ports will facilitate drone adoption and application in various segments and enlarge the drone spectrum.

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Aerogravity Pvt. Ltd.

Droneports make drone operations hassle-free. Gravity stands for reliability and ensures your operations are seamless with the integration of a droneport. 

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